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Hair loss, PRP, hair mesotherapy


Hair loss treatment, PRP treatment, hair mesotherapy


Hair loss is considered normal to some extent. If we pay attention,  We will see that hair is always falling to some degree. In other words, dead hair strands must be shed in order for live hair to grow. Normally, up to 50 - 100 hairs may fall out every day, but if the hair starts to stay in your hands, you need to see a doctor immediately.


Normally, 50 to 100 strands of hair can be shed per day. This number varies according to genetic structure, age, extra features, and gender. If the hair loss is more than 100 strands a day or if the newly growing hair is lifeless and thinner than before, it should be considered as a problem.


 What are the causes of hair loss?


  • Hormonal changes: For example, there are changes in hair quality after menopause. If these are not treated, the hair gradually loses strength and the hair falls out.

  • Postpartum hair loss: These are usually temporary  and begin to come back as before 48 months after birth.

  • Unbalanced and malnutrition

  • radiation, chemotherapy

  • some kinds of drugs

  • Stress and shock, intense stress

  • Thyroid disorders, in which case the hair becomes dry, brittle and brittle and eventually the hair falls out.

  • Some diseases with high fever

  • In some diseases, especially after hysterectomy, hair may fall out.

  • Incorrect hair  interventions. excessive blow-drying, hair straightening, causes hair loss.

  • Genetic factors, especially genetic hair loss from 1st degree affinity, are in this group  

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are among the most important hair loss.


What methods are used for hair loss treatment?


First of all, it is necessary to find out the underlying cause and the cause of the hair loss. The reason for hair loss is not the only one, and the treatment methods are not the only ones. in this group


  • Hair loss treatment with medication

  • Hair loss treatment with hair mesotherapy

  • Hair loss treatment with PRP

  • Hair loss treatment with regenerated Activa 


What kind of method is the treatment of hair loss with medication ?


After investigating the underlying causes, approved medications can be prescribed by specialist dermatologists to prevent abnormal hair loss and to thicken existing hair. These drugs are the drugs we prefer to prevent mild and moderate hair loss, to increase the number of hair, to thicken thinned hair and to prevent further loss.

Among the underlying causes, reasons such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thyroid disorders,  malnutrition due to incorrect interventions, and drug treatment methods are preferred. These drugs are not cosmetic products and should be used under the supervision of a doctor in the long term.


How is hair loss treatment applied with PRP?


In the PRP method, which reduces hair loss and helps thicken and strengthen hair, the patient's own blood is used for his own treatment. In the treatment of hair loss with PRP, the PRP method means that the blood taken from a tea glass, after undergoing a special process, decomposes into special repair cells in the blood and reinjects it into the problem area. This method takes 30-45 minutes on average  and the number of sessions varies from person to person. Hair loss treatment with PRP takes place under the conditions of the practice and normal life is returned immediately. Since it is done with a fine-tipped needle, the feeling of pain is very low and hair loss treatment with PRP does not have any special care.


How is hair mesotherapy applied? What benefit does it provide?


In the hair mesotherapy method, a special cocktail mixture is prepared for the healthy growth and development of the hair. In hair mesotherapy, this cocktail, containing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and blood circulation regulators, is injected into the scalp with a very fine-tipped needle at intervals of about 1 cm, and a light massage is applied to this area after the treatment.


What should be done to minimize hair loss?


  • Give up the wrong diet practices. Shock diets that are not under the control of a specialist physician and dietitian cause your hair to fall out. Protein-containing foods (fish, meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, nuts, good oils, green leafy vegetables, legumes should never be neglected).

  • Our sleep  scheme has a very important  effect on hair health as well as overall health.

  • Stress, Depression. You can prevent hair loss by staying away from stress.

  • Do not miss foods containing vitamin deficiencies, zinc, B12, Copper, cysteine, folic acid and Biotin. If these are missing, you will likely experience hair loss.

  • Plan your eating habits and routines by choosing the right quality foods and foods  .

  • Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption. Avoid harsh interventions on the hair. Choose the right products for your hair care  products. Your age, hair type and hair problems are also effective in choosing the type of care, otherwise even if your hair does not fall out, your hair quality will be affected.

Hormonal hair loss in men and women 



Brief information
Anesthesia: Not required.
Inspection and application process: It takes an average of 15-30 minutes depending on the situation.
Recovery time: Returns to daily life immediately.
Process of use: As long as it is not exposed to the same reasons, the results will continue.
Warning: Get information from our physician.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: varying degrees of improvement, depending on the severity of the condition. Hair revitalization, thickening, increase in the number of strands

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