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Mesotherapy (mesolifting, cellulite mesotherapy)


The mesotherapy method, which has been applied in Europe, especially in France, for about 40 years, means injecting drugs into the middle layer of the skin. With a very fine-tipped mesotherapy needle, appropriate drugs are injected into the desired area and successful results are obtained in a short time.


Although mesotherapy is used in many areas of medicine, it is also used in aesthetics and dermatology, especially:

  • To eliminate skin rejuvenation and aging effects

  • For hair loss treatment and to give volume to thin hair.

  • For slimming, cellulite and regional slimming

  • In orthopedics, mesotherapy is used in the same way as to increase joint flexibility.



Vol  rejuvenation mesolifting


What is mesolifting?


Mesolifting is one of the most practical methods that can be done to alleviate the signs of aging, to provide moisture to dry skin, and to bring freshness to a worn skin.

In the mesolifting method, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidant substances and many other substances are made into a special mixture cocktail and injected into the lower layers of the skin with a very fine-tipped needle.


In which areas is mesolifting applied the most?


Cheeks, forehead, eye corners, chin, neck and décolleté area, hands are the areas we prefer most in mesolifting.


What is the purpose of mezolifting  ?


The most important purpose of mesolifting is to restore the firmness and vitality and youthfulness of the skin lost due to the environment and adverse conditions, wrong habits. Normally used daily creams and facial care products do not reach the lower layers of the skin in sufficient quantities and do not show the necessary effect, as they are applied to the surface. In the mesolifting method, all the supplements needed by the skin are prepared externally, in the form of a cocktail, and injected into the desired area. And since it is injected, it provides much more direct and successful results.


 Mezolifting is mostly preferred by whom?


  • To eliminate the effects of aging in young, middle-aged and above

  • To erase the negative effects of smoking in smokers

  • Mesolifting is considered a saving method for those who are exposed to the harmful effects of the sun.

  • Those who are stressed and those who do not pay attention to their nutrition and sleep

  • Dryness and pallor of the skin, also those who have problems

  • In addition

  • Before the effects of aging on the skin begin and lines and wrinkles deepen, mesolifting sessions performed not only protect the skin but also provide a more lively and bright appearance.


 How is the mezolifting  method implemented?


Mesolifting is generally applied in 2 ways.


Manual, that is, by an expert and experienced hand

Gun system: these devices are devices that can be adjusted for speed, depth and pressure (they are used in place of the needle)

Before starting the mesolifting treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, local anesthetic cream is applied, then the mixture prepared according to the needs of the skin is injected into the skin.


In which gender and in which age group is mesolifting applied?


 The mesolifting method, which can be easily applied to both men and women, can be applied to anyone between the ages of 18 and 80, completely based on the needs of the skin.


How many sessions of mesolifting are applied?


The frequency of mesolifting application varies according to age and for what purpose. When it comes to removing the effects of aging in the face area, it can be applied in the form of 3 to 5 sessions on average once every 15 days and then every 1-2 months to protect it. However, our specialist doctor will give you the most accurate information.


What are the things to be considered before and after applying mesolifting?


Before the application Aspirin, blood circulation enhancing drugs It would be the right decision to take a short break. After the mesolifting application, it is important not to take sunbath, massage or apply anything that will irritate the skin for up to 24 hours.


 Is it possible to do the mesolifting method with dermaroll?


Those who do not want to inject drugs on their face with a needle may prefer dermarol. In this case, useful drug mixtures can be applied to the skin pores opened with rollers, painlessly. 

Dermaroller can be used to reduce the effects of aging on cracked areas, cellulite areas, neck decollete and hands  da except the face area. For this purpose, it can be applied as an average of 8-10 sessions with 1-2 week intervals and once a month in the later stages. Dermaroll renews the skin, increases the amount of collagen and elastin fiber, and reduces the amount of pores on the skin. By using Dermarol  , you activate the skin's own healing mechanism and increase collagen production, thanks to minor damage to the skin. You have to wait a few months to see the results of this method, which takes 30 minutes and 45 minutes on average:


 What are the most preferred drugs for mesolifting?


Salmon DNA

amino acids

hyalaronoic acid

Vitamins ABCDE and vitamins K


co crushes

 Nucleic acids



Mesotherapy for cellulite and regional slimming


Mesotherapy is a medical method used in slimming, cellulite and regional slimming. If the goal is slimming and regional slimming, along with a stable diet, a very fine-tipped, mesotherapy needle is injected into the desired area, such as the arms, abdomen, sides of the hips, and the gluteal region, with a drug mixture suitable for this purpose.


What does the mesotherapy drug provide in cellulite and regional slimming?


Mesotherapy Medicine destroys the fat blocks in that area, increases blood circulation, and helps to remove water collections and edema if there is any. This mesotherapy cocktail also contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to improve and rejuvenate the skin. Therefore, both regional slimming is achieved and the appearance of cellulite decreases between /60-/80.


How many sessions and at what intervals is cellulite mesotherapy applied?


In cellulite mesotherapy, depending on the age of the person and the intensity of the condition, it can be applied in an average of 8-10 sessions and then in the form of protection treatment. While active treatment is in the form of 1-2 sessions per week, once a month is considered appropriate during the protection period.


 Does cellulite mesotherapy cause pain, painful bruising?


The needle is an extremely fine-tipped needle, so there is no feeling of pain. However, people with low pain threshold can apply anesthetic cream and come to treatment. On the subject of bruising, some people may have small bruises in a few places, and they will go away in a few days. The chance of success in cellulite mesotherapy is quite high and the appearance of cellulite is considerably reduced.


How does mesotherapy cause a change in the skin?


It provides both regional thinning and a general improvement in skin quality. The appearance of cellulite decreases and there is a marked narrowing and rapid thinning.



Is mesotherapy a surgical method?


Mesotherapy is an extremely practical  method, it is applied in practice conditions. After applying the method  no special care is needed. It is in no way comparable to Liposuction because Liposuction is a surgical method and its subsequent care is very different. (It should not be forgotten that you can also apply to Mesotherapy to remove the wavy image that occurs after liposuction and  lipolysis)


What is the success chance of mesotherapy?


 It has been observed that regular, mesotherapy, results of 0/60-/80 in cellulite, a decrease, and rapid thinning in areas with regional fat accumulation, applied to thousands of people in our clinic. 

Brief information

Anesthesia: No need for anesthesia, Local cream can be applied.
Inspection and application process: Average 15-30 minutes depending on the reason for the application.
Recovery time: Immediate return to daily life.
Process of use: If not exposed to the same cause, the result will continue.
Warning: Do not play with application zones.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Successful. Visible change over time.

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