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Sweating treatment with Botox


Sweating treatments with Botox


Excessive sweating is often seen in the armpits, feet, hands, face and scalp and negatively affects the social life of the person. Sometimes it can even disturb the people around. Now the solution to this is possible with Botox.


Sweating is essentially a natural phenomenon and occurs involuntarily. Because, in fact, with the increased heat in the body, the body is trying to maintain its own balance, that is, the body sweats.

Especially stress, indoor hot weather are the causes of frequent sweating, and if this event is excessive, it disturbs the person and the people around him. Although there are many different medical methods in the treatment of excessive sweating, that is, hyperhidrosis, which develops outside the normal  , the most practical solution is the treatment of excessive sweating with botox.


What are the causes of excessive sweating?


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Heart attack       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_d1394c


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Genetic disorder


What are the treatment methods for excessive sweating?


Different treatment methods are available


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When is Botox treatment preferred?


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In this case, botox is one of the most reasonable and practical methods you can have, and completely without side effects.


Botox, excessive sweating, how is it treated?


Botox is a very practical method for excessive sweating. It takes an average of 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the area. Before starting the treatment, it is sometimes possible to do a short iodine test and detect where the sweat glands are excessive. Iodine solution is applied to the sweating areas where the patient has complaints and is left for a while. The dark purple regions are the regions with more sweat glands . When the needle used in Botox application is extremely thin-tipped, that is, when it is an insulin injector, the pain and stinging sensation is not too much. However, an anesthetic cream can be applied to the area 20-30 minutes before starting the treatment and left to wait.


When does Botox  excessive sweating treatment give results, how long does its effect last?


It starts to give results 3 days after the procedure and the maximum effect comes up to 2 weeks. It causes a 90% decrease in sweating between 6 and 10 months on average, now the person can easily shake hands and wear colorful clothes.

Brief information


Anesthesia: There is no need for anesthesia, an anesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before for those who want it.

Inspection and application process: The application takes an average of 15-30 minutes.

IHealing time: The onset of the drug's effect,  time,  3-7 days. Immediate return to normal life.

Usage period: Average 6-10 months.

Warning: Do not play with the areas we apply for 1-2 days on average.

Pain: Very mild.

Result: Healing, relaxation, elimination of excessive sweating, wearing the desired color clothes, comfortable socialization.

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