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Chemical Peel


Chemical peeling


 chemical Peelingin  means controlled stimulation and peeling of the skin surface. While the dead layer of the skin is removed with peeling, cell production and tissue quality begin to increase due to the increase in blood circulation in the lower skin.


What are the benefits of chemical peeling?


  • Increasing collagen production

  • Correcting the oil balance with regular application

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reducing color irregularities caused by sun damage

  • Thinning thickened skin and lightening acne scars


What are the areas where chemical peeling is used?


  • Acne and acne treatment

  • acne scar treatment

  • Alleviation of wrinkles and fine lines

  • skin spots

  • Correction of the skin's moisture balance

  • Removal of age spots on hands

  • Reducing sun and age spots on the face

  • Types of body peelings

  • Alleviating and reducing the effects of aging are the most used areas of chemical peeling.


Does chemical peel have any side effects?


During and after the procedure, mild  burning, slight redness, flaking and peeling may occur in the treated area. In chemical peels, you need to apply to the right dermatologists to avoid permanent damage. After a chemical peel, you need to avoid the sun for a while  and use sunscreens.


 In which situations is chemical peeling not applied?


  • On wounds of open skin 

  • On skin with sunburn

  • On burned skin

  • In viral and bacterial skin infections

  • In some types of skin diseases

Brief information

Anesthesia: No need for anesthesia before application.

Inspection and application process: The application takes an average of 15-30 minutes, depending on the reason.

Recovery time: It varies according to the reason for the application. Please get information before application.

Process of use: As long as the cause is not exposed, the result will continue.

Warning: Do not protect from the sun, do not play with hands, do not make pouches or fibers.

No pain.

Result: Depends on the intensity of the situation. Visible changes over time.

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