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Aesthetics in men


Aesthetics in men


All the applications made in our center have been applied easily and reliably for a long time for our male counselors. (You can follow the detailed information on the subject from the sections)

The dermatological and dermatological cosmetic applications most frequently applied by men are listed below.


Laser hair removal:Men apply for shaving, especially for ingrown hairs in the beard area and beard area, between the eyebrows, cheeks, and the nape in order to make the neck look well-groomed, to reduce excess hair on the hands and feet, to remove excess hair in the chest and back area and to become sparse.


Hair loss treatments: Genetik and  later hair loss due to certain reasons  treatment In cases where it is not possible, methods such as hair transplantation can be applied.


skin diseases,Regarding  , our male clients can come to the examination in the same way.


Skin rejuvenation treatments:Laser methods available in the center Hi FU, BBL, IPL and other laser methods. Men can likewise be used for different treatment indications.


Skin rejuvenation treatments:Botox, fillers, youth vaccines, facial mesotherapy salmon DNA and other treatment methods  can also be easily applied for men.


Slimming and regional slimming treatments : Metabolic balance, diet, mesotherapy methods.


Acne and acne scar treatments: After the necessary diagnosis and treatments, different treatment methods can be used to remove acne scars.


Stain, hyperpigmentation :After the examination, appropriate treatment options are decided according to the location and depth of the spots.


Hair loss treatment with PRP method PRP, PRP rejuvenation methods and other forms of treatment.


Hand and armpit excessive sweating treatments:Botox treatment.


Skin care and cosmetic product selection:After skin analysis, the most suitable products for your age and skin type are selected.


In summary, since we are a dermatological clinic, you can contact us by making an appointment for all your dermatological and cosmetic requests and needs.

Brief information
Anesthesia: It depends on the method used. Sometimes local anesthetic cream may be applied.

Inspection and application process: Depends on the application. Average is 15-30 minutes
Recovery time: Return to normal life immediately. It depends on the method.
Usage process:
Warning: Get information from your doctor.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Successful. Visible change over time.

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