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laser hair removal


laser hair removal


One of the most common problems in men and women is hair growth and excessive hair growth.


It is now possible to get rid of problems such as hair growth, excessive hair growth, ingrown hairs, and ingrown hairs throughout your life. Thanks to the laser epilation sessions that you will have by a specialist doctor using the right technological devices and devices (tools) containing coolers, you can get rid of hair growth and ingrown problems throughout your life.


You will no longer need to use methods such as wax and razor, this will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life. Men can also apply to laser epilation if they suffer from excessive hair growth, especially if there is hair on the nape, neck, cheekbone, and between the eyebrows and it bothers them.


What were the most important factors for the success of Laser Hair Removal?


First of all, in the preliminary evaluation made by a specialist dermatologist, he will see whether you are suitable for laser hair removal. You should give detailed  information to your doctor about your health status, the diseases you have had, the results of your hormonal tests, the medications you have used, your hair texture, and your skin color. Your hair color and skin  your type  are two very important factors for the success of laser hair removal. People with light skin and wheat skin, people with dark, thick or medium hair are the favorite people for laser hair removal. People with dark skin and  dark skin can also get very satisfactory results in the right applications. As long as your  laser hair removal application is actually applied under the right conditions and you are given correct information.


What issues should we consider before implementation?


In order for laser epilation to be successful, the hairs must appear as points. What does this mean if you use a razor to clean the area, it should take an average of 1 to 3 days on your last razor use , on the contrary, if you use a razor to clean the area If you are using wax, it should be 2 to 4 weeks on average since your last waxing (by the way, if the growing hairs bother you, you can cut or shave them, because we only need one hair root). Please call our center for detailed information on this issue.


The second point you should pay attention to is that if you have tanned under the sun or in the solarium, your skin color should be lightened moderately for the laser epilation session. This period varies depending on how much sun you get or how much solarium you go to, but the average is 1-4 weeks. Please call us for detailed information on these issues. For those who want to continue in the summer, our specialist doctor will show you the right way.


Does sunbathing or going to the solarium affect laser epilation sessions?


For the answer to the question of how long after sunbathing or entering the solarium, you can continue laser epilation sessions, please contact our specialist because this may vary from person to person, depending on how long they sunbathe or how much time they spend in the solarium. The devices (tools) we use in the center can also be used in summer, as they contain a particularly powerful cooling system. We have several types of devices for laser epilation. Our doctor will choose the right device for you. Alexandrite, photoepilation, etc.


Is there pain in laser epilation?


The type of this device (instrument) used  and it depends on the right practitioner. The devices used in our center have a double cooling system, and the applications are applied directly by a specialist doctor. Therefore, the feeling of pain is never in question. If your pain threshold is low  Çok  (we have never had such a case so far), you can apply anesthetic cream to that area 45 minutes before the application.


How long does Laser Hair Removal applications take?


Laser is an extremely fast and practical method. The size of the area will affect the duration. While small areas such as the upper lip and chin take an average of 5 minutes, the sizes in the armpit, bikini and face area, which we call medium size, take an average of 15 minutes. The largest areas, such as the legs, back and chest, take an average of 30-45 minutes.



What should we pay attention to after laser hair removal?


After laser hair removal, there is nothing you need to pay special attention to. Our devices are highly technological, there is no crust or wound formation. You don't need to use any bandages or special medication, if there is a slight redness, a warm shower or a light moisturizer will help you. If you are going to enter a very intense sun, you must use a good sunscreen, we do not recommend you to enter an intense sun or solarium immediately after the application. Please talk to our specialist doctor about how long after you can wrestle or go to the solarium.


How long is the interval between laser hair removal sessions?


Laser epilation slows down the growth and development of hair follicles. Your hairs grow late because their growth and development slows down. The average of this is 1 month (ie you come to the sessions once a month) Don't worry, if your hairs come out earlier, there is no harm in coming to the application, especially those who grow hair quickly in the face area. Please talk to our doctor for detailed information.


Can I use razor or wax between sessions?


You will not need to use a razor or wax since hairs do not grow between sessions. (if it comes out and it bothers you, it is possible to shorten it with a razor) If you are going to take a break for a long time, then our doctor will guide you in this regard.


Laser hair removal can be used for both men and women to reduce hair growth, excessive hair growth, ingrown hairs, ingrown hairs or thinning hair in some areas.


Does the laser have any side effects?


Laser hair removal does not have any side effects when the correct applicator and the correct tools  are used. 99% of color changes, which are very rare, will pass over time.


What age group is laser hair removal suitable for?


It can be applied to everyone in the 16 - 70 age group. In girls, we generally expect the menstrual period to start and get regular. but if you still have a 9-10 year old girl and the hair on her lip  bothers her, doctor Melisa Eczacıbaşı will give you the right way and detailed information.

What types of laser devices (tools) are available in your center?

Especially for laser hair removal, we have Alexandrite, IPL, photoepilation and nd oil types. Our specialist physician will decide for you the most accurate tool (device) according to your hair type and skin color  .

Brief information
Anesthesia: No need. Since the cooling system of our laser tools is very strong, it does not cause pain.
Inspection and application process: It takes an average of 15-45 minutes depending on the size of the applied area.
Recovery time: Returns to normal life immediately.
Usage period: Lifelong results, unless the body is exposed to major changes and hormonal changes
Warning: Get information from our specialist physician.
No pain. Our laser tools are technologically advanced and thanks to their powerful coolers, they ensure that there is no feeling of pain.
Result: Successful, you will observe that the hairs are reduced and thinner with each session and when the sessions are over, when your hair structure is suitable, you will observe that the hairs are permanently removed. This success is possible thanks to the specialist physician and the right laser tools.

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