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Q switch laser

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Since this laser device has 4 different wavelengths, it can be easily used to eliminate various aesthetic disorders. Q Q  Swich is used for tattoo removal, spot, freckle treatment, skin rejuvenation, vascular problems, acne scar treatment and many other diseases.


In Q Swich treatment, laser pulses are absorbed by the pigments without damaging the skin, breaking it up, and being taken into the cell  and removed from that area.


The advantages of the Q Swich treatment are that it is very practical, the healing process is fast and there are no side effects. Another advantage is that it can be applied to all skin types by expert dermatologists.



Q-SWICH  How is treatment done with laser?


With Q Switch, laser lights are applied to the problem area and absorbed by cells containing dense melanin and break them up. Cells containing a normal amount of melanin in the same area are not affected by the treatment and continue their own processes.


In which types of stains is the Q Switch device applied?


  • Tattoo and permanent makeup removal

  • Age spots on the face and hands, this includes sun  or advanced age spots

  • Hormonal-type spots, especially pregnancy spots, that is, melasma, and spots that develop due to the use of birth control pills.

  • acne scar

  • skin rejuvenation

  • These are some of the usage areas of Q Switch.


What should we pay attention to before the application of the Q Switch laser?


If you have used sunbathing, solarium  or colorant solarium or lotion before applying Q Swich, you need to wait for your color to lighten because tanned skin acts like melanin and absorbs laser lights more and causes skin irritation and blisters called vesicles. is happening.


Does the Q Switch device have its own special cooler? Is the application painful?


There is no pain to bother you in the Q Switch application. In people with a very low pain threshold, local anesthetic cream and cold air blowing can be used.


What kind of change will I encounter after the Q Switch treatment?


It depends on what purpose we use the laser therapy for, while it may cause a slight redness, in large cases it is possible to encounter different symptoms in the form of crusts that fall off after 1-2 weeks .

How many sessions does the treatment with Q Switch take?


While 1-2 sessions are required in freckles and superficial stains and thin capillaries, the number of sessions may increase in deeper and larger stains. You should consider not going out in the sun for up to a month after the procedure, not entering the solarium  and using high factor sunscreen.

Brief information
Anesthesia: No need. The laser device has a powerful cooling system.
Inspection and application process: 15-30 minutes on average, depending on the size of the area
Recovery time: Returns to normal life immediately.
Process of use: If the same causes are not exposed, the results will continue.
Warning: Get information from our specialist physician.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: You will see visible changes over time.

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