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In the aging process, the skin begins to lose its filler, namely hyaluronic acid. The skin is constantly moisturized with the help of haylaronoic acid, which is considered completely natural and sugar,  It absorbs water due to its acid structure and keeps the skin constantly moist, providing a youthful appearance. As age progresses, this substance decreases, the skin begins to dry, its volume decreases, discharge, dryness and wrinkles begin to form on the skin.

 What is filler?

Fillers are temporary or long-term substances that are injected externally under the skin with a very fine-tipped needle . With the advancing age, the main elements of the skin, namely subcutaneous adipose tissue, phantomacic acid, collagen and elastin fibers, are lost and the skin begins to decrease in volume, cavities, wrinkles and sagging. The filler material is the materials we use externally to eliminate such losses and to provide the desired form and volume to the tissue.


 In which areas are fillers applied the most?

 For more voluminous and prominent cheekbones

 To relieve the discomfort, shadowing and bruising under the eyes

 To remove nasolabial lines extending from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of the mouth, indicating fatigue 

To create a smooth chin and jawline

 For plumping and shaping thin lips

 To correct facial lines on the lip

 To gently shape the nose

 To lighten or completely remove deep scars, acne and previous scars on the face


What is done before the filling is applied?

 In people with low pain threshold, anesthetic cream is applied to the area 20 minutes before the filling application and left to wait. The needle is extremely thin and the pain is as minimal as possible.


 How long does the filling application take? Is there any preparation?

It is a very practical method and takes an average of 15-30 minutes. There is no need for any preliminary preparation before the filler application.


 What kind of change is seen after the filling application? Will it prevent me from going to work?

After the application, there will be no situation that will disturb you and prevent you from going to work. If there are very rare bruising and spot bleeding, they are covered with a light foundation and pass in 3-5 days on average.


How long is the effect of the filler?

 This time varies depending on the nature of the filler used. In addition, genetic and individual characteristics of people can affect the effect of the filler.

Are there any side effects of the filler?

Fillers applied by correct and reliable doctors do not have any side effects when the right material is selected. Slightly pinkish, redness or small bruising points are not considered a side effect and will pass in a short time. When the application is applied by the right person and a specialist dermatologist who has a natural aesthetic point of view, the results will look extremely natural.


Before filler injection, what should we pay attention to?

Since it is a procedure performed with a needle, it is necessary to pay attention to drugs, some drinks and foods that increase the risk of bleeding and mild bruising. In this group, we can list drugs and foods such as painkillers, blood thinners, Ginseng, echinacea, and green tea. It is especially useful to stop the drugs 1 day before (medications can be started immediately after the treatment).

 What should we pay attention to after the filling application?

 After the filling application, we should avoid hard massages and harsh movements applied to the area. We should not expose the area to extreme heat or extreme cold. If there are small bruising points, it is useful to use creams such as Arnica.

Which aesthetic applications can be performed simultaneously with the filler?

There is no harm in doing it on the same day with injection applications such as Botox, facial mesotherapy, PRP, youth vaccine.


 Can laser or radiofrequency applications be performed on the same day as  filling ?

Processes that create a warming effect on the skin affect the permanence of the filler and shorten its life. Therefore, if you are considering any application from this group, you should have it done before filling. Moreover, after these applications, the real volume losses of the skin, wrinkles, scars will show itself better, a more successful combined  treatment and_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ provides the result. 

What is Juvederm?

Hayaluronik  is a facial filler containing acid. This filler, which has a gel consistency, is injected by your doctor into the areas we want to give volume and shape. Wrinkles are filled and gives a slight volume to the area. Although its permanence varies from person to person, it varies between at least 9-1  years.


Are the fillers used healthy? How is it obtained? How are lip and nose fillers applied?

The most preferred fillers in the medical world are natural fillers. These chemicals, which do not contain chemicals, mix easily with the body and provide a lasting effect for a certain period of time. There is already a natural form of dreamuronic acid in the body. Not all filling materials are natural. For example, silicone-containing fillers. Apart from hylaronoic acid, fat taken from the body can also be used as a filler. In the lip augmentation method with filler, numbing cream is first applied to the lip area, and then filler is injected into the desired areas. The procedure takes 30 minutes on average and its effect lasts for 6-9 months. Fillers are also used to shape the nose and remove slight drooping.

In this method, anesthetic cream is applied and applied in the same way. It takes an average of 30 minutes and can be supported once a year.


Brief information
Anesthesia: Cream can be applied before the application.
Inspection and application process: The application takes an average of 15-30 minutes.
Recovery time: Immediately returns to normal life.
Usage period: Although it varies from person to person, it takes an average of 6-10 months.
Warning: Do not play with the regions we practice on that day.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Very successful. Immediately after the application, the result is  observably successful and natural.

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