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Focused ultrasound HI FU


HI Fu is a non-surgical regional rejuvenation method that uses high-intensity, focused ultrasound for facial rejuvenation. The Hi Fu method, known as non-surgical facial rejuvenation, must be applied by expert dermatologists. The Hi Fu method is one of the first choices as an alternative treatment, especially for people who do not want to have surgery.


What is focused ultrasound HI FU?


 utilizing high-intensity sound waves to create controlled tissue damage,  is a high heat application system on the tissue at a fully focused and desired depth. Due to these millimetric damages created on the deep subcutaneous tissue, our cells, which take action to repair, begin to produce collagen and elastin  . Because collagen, the most important protein building block of the skin, decreases, loosening, sagging, wrinkles, pale and dull skin begins to form on the skin surface.


In the Hi Fu method, on the other hand, without affecting the skin surface, collagen production is supported directly only in the focused area, and as a result of stimulation with this Hi Fu, collagen production  continues for an average of 3-6 months, the skin is deeply rejuvenated and tightened.


 What are the effects of focused ultrasound, Hi Fu on the skin


 As it increases collagen production, the skin automatically rejuvenates.

 The elasticity of the skin increases with the repair of connective tissue.

 The skin is tightening, sagging is recovering to some extent, and it is shining .

 As blood circulation is regulated, it causes a vibrant homogeneous skin color.


How many hours does HI FU last?


Among the effective methods, HI FU is a one-session application. It is especially preferred by people aged 30 and over. It can be repeated after one year, in line with the patient's needs and wishes. It can also be combined with other methods.


How is HI FU applied?


 a light local anesthesia is applied before the application starts.

 The processing time varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour on average.

 Although it varies from person to person, there may be a slight pain similar to a pinprick.



 What are the most important advantages of HI FU?


 Hi Fu activates the skin's self-healing feature and provides natural rejuvenation  .

 Surgery can be performed by a specialist dermatologist under office conditions without requiring anesthesia or hospital conditions.

The results are extremely natural and very close to being natural, which is the popular beauty concept of recent times.

It can be applied in four seasons. It can be applied easily and adapts to every skin type and skin color.

 It provides a flawless, scarless skin rejuvenation without mimic loss.

 There are no periods of recovery and respite.

  Hi Fu does not affect your social life and work in any way.

 It is quite affordable compared to surgical methods.

  Hi Fu is applied to both men and women.

 Results persist for a long time.


Hi Fu da  when will the result come out?


In  Hi Fu, a control interview is made 3 weeks and 1 month after the session, a significant rejuvenation is achieved within 3 months. In order to get maximum results, it is necessary to wait for an average of 6 months,


In short


 The patient satisfaction rate is very high in focused ultrasound Hi Fu.

 It takes 45-60 minutes on average.

 FDA  approved safe  olan _cc781905-5cde-136bad5cf58d_ must be applied by dermatologist Fuf devices, absolutely by dermatologist Fu-3194_bb3b

 can be applied to anyone over the age of 30 who has undesirable changes in the skin due to decreased collagen.

 Although it is not a completely painless method, the anesthetic applied before the application  creams makes you very comfortable.

 When applied by an expert dermatologist and everything is done under the right conditions, Hi Fu is absolutely safe and has no side effects.


 HI Arm Tightening with FU


Loosening and sagging of the arm skin is a problem that is more common especially in women. Because of the effect of estrogen hormone, these regions have a more fatty structure and are a difficult muscle group to work. Focused and loud sound waves Hi Fu, on the other hand, completely selects the targeted arm area and when applied, causes collagen and elastin production, thus strengthening and recovery of the connective tissue. The arm starts to recover quickly by gaining the elasticity it lost.

Brief information

Anesthesia: No need. The device is a technologically advanced device.

Inspection and application process: It takes an average of 1 hour.

Recovery time: Returns to normal life immediately.

Usage process:

Warning: Pay attention to the warnings of the specialist physician.

Result: Extremely successful, results will increase over time.

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