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With age, wrinkles appear on the face, especially around the eyes, between the forehead and eyebrows, giving the face a tired expression. Botox is the most used and most effective treatment for these mimic lines. Botox, which was used in the treatment of tics in the early stages, started to be used for both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes in many branches of medicine over time. Botox has been used in medicine and aesthetics for nearly 40 years in many fields 

used safely.

What is Botox?

Botox in the face area, especially on the forehead, around the eyes,  crow's feet lines, between the eyebrows, giving a harsh expression to the face  wrinkles between the eyebrows, horizontal circular lines on the neck, mimic lines on the lips and It is the most used medical method in the treatment of lines in the décolleté area. During the Botox treatment, it prevents involuntary muscle movements and slows down the formation of new lines along with lightening the existing lines  . Botox is a very practical method and takes an average of 15-30 minutes and is applied with a very thin triple,  insulin injector.

Approximately 15-20 minutes before the Botox treatment, anesthetic cream is applied to the patients who have a low pain threshold and who want it. The treatment starts to show its effect after an average of 3 days  and reaches its maximum effect up to 7-10 days.

How is Botox applied?

An anesthetic cream is applied to the area 15-20 minutes before the Botox application starts. At the end of this period, the area is cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. Afterwards, a sufficient amount of Botox is injected into the required areas in small doses with a very thin triple insulin injector. Botox method is a very practical method and takes an average of 15-30 minutes.

In which areas is Botox applied the most?

Botox is most commonly used for lines around the eyes, lines on the forehead, lines between the eyebrows that give a harsh expression to the face, light mimic lines on the lips,   circular lines on the neck, light rabbit lines around the nose, slightly lifting the eyebrows or It can be easily used in many areas such as slightly lowering very high eyebrows, slightly lifting the tip of the nose,  decollete lines. It can also be applied to the platysma muscles to maintain the roundness of your face and to recover the sagging in this area to some extent. In addition, if you have a problem of external tightening at night, it is possible to get rid of them thanks to Botox.

How many types of Botox drug?

There are currently 2 types of botox approved by the FDA in Turkey.

Botox and Dysport by Allergan

Who is Botox mostly applied to, are there any side effects?

Botox application can be started if wrinkles started to appear even though he did not make any facial expressions, regardless of gender. In some people, especially around the age of 25-30, wrinkles may develop early, in such cases Botox is started to prevent wrinkles from increasing and deepening.

Can Botox be applied to everyone?

Your specialist doctor, whom you trust, will give you the most accurate information about Botox, after a detailed examination . In Botox, the patient's history, past illnesses, health status and the patient's expectation   should be examined in detail. Anyone who is suitable for these can have botox application.

How long is the Botox effect?

Although it varies from person to person, this period varies between 4-6 months on average. Patient's age,  Skin type, degree of mimicry and genetic factors affect the process of Botox. The younger the patient, the faster the nerve ending blockage is resolved (4 months).

Does Botox affect work and social life?

In Botox process, there is no situation that will prevent you from going to your social life or work. Botox, known as midday beauty, takes an average of 15-30 minutes.

What kind of effect is expected after Botox application?

When applied by a physician who has expertise and experience in Botox, and when the patient wants a natural look, a dull and confused facial expression is not in question . In the areas where Botox is applied, it provides a freshness and youth and gives the face light and freshness. Natural bright  and a refreshed facial expression appear, which will affect the psychology of the person in a good way.

Does the naturalness of the face disappear with Botox?

When Botox is applied correctly and naturally, there is no swelling on the face or excessive lifting of the eyebrows. On the contrary, in some people, Botox is applied to the eyebrows and eyelids to recover if there is a stretch or fall. Turned and meaningless facial expressions can only be seen in wrong and unnatural applications.

In which other areas is Botox applied in medicine?

Botox can be applied successfully   in migraine, eye tic and strabismus treatment, facial paralysis, excessive sweating in hands and feet, preventing involuntary muscle stiffness in neurology and many more areas. .

Will there be redness or bruising after Botox application?

No redness. Bruising, if any, is a minor bruise and  occurs in 3-5 out of every hundred cases, which disappears in 3-5 days on average.


What should be considered before and after botox application?

Before the application, a drug such as blood thinners and aspirin should not be taken, and care should be taken not to coincide with flu periods and upper respiratory tract infection periods .

In the first 2-4 hours after Botox application, it should not be bent too much and muscle relaxant group drugs should not be used.

Is Botox applied in cases of excessive sweating?

Botox is applied in a practical way, especially in excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and feet, sweating on the face and scalp, and gives very successful results. Anesthetic cream is applied to the area 30 minutes before the Botox application starts.

In which cases is Botox not applied?

It is not applied especially in pregnant women, those with bleeding problems and some kinds of muscle diseases. If there is herpes in the area, the lesion is waited for botox application.


Brief information

Anesthesia: Local cream can be applied.
Inspection and application process: It takes an average of 15-30 minutes.
Recovery time: The effect of the drug begins in 3-7 days, . Social life is immediately returned.
Usage period: Although it varies from person to person, the average is 4-6 months.
Warning: Do not play with regions on the day we practice.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Successful and very natural. Percent rejuvenation , refreshing, indirect lifting effect.

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