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acne treatment


Acne (acne)


Acne is a type of skin disease caused by inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Since the areas where the sebaceous glands are most intense are the face, chest  and the back, pimples (acne) are mostly seen in these areas.


There are 4 related reasons for the formation of acne.


  • Abnormal proliferation of microbes, ie bacteria, in the oil channel.

  • Clogging of the hair and oil duct. This manifests itself as black dots  or comedones.

  • Swelling, redness, and  inflammation.

  • Increased sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands.


One of the leading symptoms of acne disease is black dots, which we call comedones. Blackheads start to become inflamed over time. It gives a white tip and eventually causes the appearance of acne.


What are the most common causes of acne?


  • Genetic.

  • Hormonal causes (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, IVF injections).

  • Wrong cosmetic interventions (wrong skin care).

  • Incorrectly chosen skin care products.

  • Insomnia and stress.

  • Some drugs used.

  • Thyroid disease, diabetes, insulin resistance.

  • Seasonal changes.


 With which methods is it possible to treat acne ?


There is no single cause of acne or pimples, nor is there a single treatment. A treatment protocol is selected depending on the stage of the acne and what the underlying cause is. In mild cases, topical creams are sufficient, while in more severe cases, methods such as oral medications and laser come into play.


 What are the main treatment methods in acne?


  • Treatment with topical creams.

  • Medication.

  • Peeling treatment.

  • Acne treatment with laser.

  • Medical skin care treatment.


The intensity of acne depends on what stage it is in. One or more of these methods are selected.


 Acnede In which situations is topical treatment preferred?


We prefer topical treatment  mostly in mild cases and in patients who are not at the right stage to start oral medication. cleansers, antibiotic creams, dryers will be sufficient in the treatment of acne at this stage.


In which cases is acne treatment with medication preferred?


We prefer acne treatment with medication in patients with moderate or severe acne. We expect much more successful results in cases where we add oral medication to the treatment when topical treatment is insufficient.


When do we prefer laser acne treatment?


  • Cleaning the clogged oil channels in the lower layers of the skin by means of heat and light.

  • Removing the bacteria that predispose acne.

  • Tightening pores and reducing comedones.

  • One of the reasons why we prefer laser is one of the reasons.


How can we reduce acne formation?


  • We should avoid the causes that increase the activities of the sebaceous glands 

  • Fatigue, stress, oily products applied to the skin, foods containing unhealthy fats

  • Sleep disorder, Since quality sleep is important for our skin health, we need to pay attention to sleep quality and duration.

  • Healthy living habits. Sports affect our body both physiologically and psychologically. With exercise, blood circulation increases, more oxygen goes to the cells and provides nutrition to the cells.

  • Drinking water facilitates the removal of toxins from the body, ensures the transport of necessary nutrients to the body and cells, although drinking water does not eliminate acne, it is extremely important for the health of the skin and organs.

  • Making a habit of using the right soap and cosmetic products.

  • Washing your hands frequently: you are constantly taking your hands to your face without realizing it, and you are causing the infection to increase. This causes acne to increase.

  • Not constantly playing with acne, not squeezing or tearing it.

  • Not sunbathing excessively, not going to the solarium excessively, excessive sunbathing and solarium increase acne.

  • Using the right soaps and cleaners, using paper napkins instead of towels, avoiding shared towels or washing them frequently.

  • Using excessive makeup, foundation and concealers will not be good for acne.

  • Preferring the right and adequate diet. This is one of the most important stages of acne treatment.


Brief information

Anesthesia: No need.

Examination and application process: After the acne examination, the causes, if any,  are investigated.

Recovery time: It depends on the intensity of the acne.

Usage process:

Warning: Pay attention to the warnings of our specialist. 

Conclusion: As long as the treatment is continued regularly, the results are extremely successful.

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