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 Regenera Activa


What is Regenera Activa?

Hair loss and hair loss are among the most important aesthetic problems in both men and women. The hair follicle, which weakens over time, needs stem cells, support tissue cells and nutrients in order to regenerate and be healthy. In this method, the person's own hair follicle and skin tissue are made into a special suspension and injected into the hair. Roots needs are met. In other words, it is an autonomous system and no foreign matter is used outside of any .

How is Activa applied?

The principle of the treatment is to prepare a cellular suspension from healthy and strong hair follicles with this method and to apply it to the problematic area. The purpose here is to strengthen and support the weakened and lifeless hair follicles. For this, hair follicles are preferred especially from the nape and the area behind the ears, because the hair in this area, unlike the crown area, is always resistant to shedding and does not shed throughout life.

A small local anesthesia is applied in the area behind the ear, and a total of 3-4 hair follicles are taken from here, then these hair follicles are converted into a special suspension in the regenerated Activa system. In other words, we have a suspension prepared from the person's own tissue.

Regenera Activa how many  is the session, is the treatment permanent?

One session of treatment will suffice. If 2 sessions are required, it is decided together with the patient and applied after an average of 1-2 years. The suspension obtained from genetically non-shedding hair follicles is permanent because the shed tissues are injected.

In the Regenera Activa system, is there a feeling of pain?

Since the entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia, there is no pain.

Who is cellular hair treatment applied to?

If the cause of hair loss and hair loss is not due to an infection, both men and women can benefit from this treatment . It is possible for people who have undergone too many cosmetic procedures (for example, perm, blow dryer, dyed hair) to benefit from this treatment.

The reason for hair loss during pregnancy is the changing hormonal system. Waiting for the breastfeeding period, not during pregnancy, will be the right choice for these people.

What other methods does Regenera Activa positively affect the results of?

If a special suspension is prepared by separating 3-4 hair follicles from the area behind the ear during the hair transplantation process and applied later, they will have both a faster result and stronger hair . Activa is not an alternative to transplantation, on the contrary, it is a treatment that supports hair transplantation.

Brief information
Anesthesia: Local  anesthetic cream can be applied.
Inspection and application process: The application takes an average of 15-30 minutes.
Recovery time: It starts immediately. Social life is immediate return.
Process of use: as long as it is not exposed to the same reasons, it will continue for a long time.
Warning: Do not play with the application areas on the day of application.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Successful. Visible change over time

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