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PRP method


PRP method


Platelet Rich Plasma is the method of injecting PRP (Plasma enriched in platelet) to the desired area for the desired purpose. In the PRP process, the blood taken from the person is subjected to a special centrifugation process and separated into its components . This obtained platelet-enriched plasma (PRP) is injected into the same person for skin rejuvenation or other different purposes.


How does the skin and wounds heal with PRP application?


Platelets or platelets with the medical name of  platelets are blood cells that carry the growth factors necessary for the repair of tissues and their return to their normal state when our body is exposed to any damage. In case of any damage, our blood collects platelets  in this tissue and initiates a repair process. While the tissue can do this in a certain number in normal condition, in PRP application, platelets are transported to the target tissue in a much larger number and much faster than can be carried by blood. With PRP, the repair of damaged tissue starts faster and more effectively, and the result is achieved in a shorter time.



What is the connection between skin rejuvenation and wound healing?


The aging of the skin means that it loses its physical properties, the injury process is the same, so in this case, the skin loses some of its physical properties. Therefore, in applications aimed at rejuvenating our skin, we should emphasize wound healing methods and imitate it . Many dermatological applications, such as laser, peeling, dermaroller, cause certain damage to our skin. We use an external force, for example laser lights, peeling, or traumas to heal these damages.


As a result of these damages, as we want  growth factors are secreted and the healing process begins. Dermato Cosmetics products essentially work in the same way and increase what growth factors do. PRP  method is an effective, fast and powerful method and in this way, we activate this miraculous substance in our veins and use it for necessary purposes.

The PRP method can also be applied in cardiac surgeries for medical purposes and in cases such as tennis elbow and tendon injury to accelerate the recovery period. PRP  in this case, stem cells are activated and help regenerate tissues.


In which situations is PRP recommended?


  • Purely for aesthetic purposes  as skin rejuvenation, application on face, neck, décolleté, hands, arm and leg inner areas

  • In order to provide rapid structuring of the skin immediately after applications such as laser, peeling, derma roller.

  • Correction of wrinkles on the skin caused by smoking, sun, solarium, removal of depressions, giving elasticity and brightness to the skin.

  • in heart surgeries

  • Tennis elbow, tendon injury

  • dental   implants

  • Treatment of non-healing wounds

  • In chronic pain, PRP is performed in pain outpatient clinics.

  • PRP can be used for care purposes in the stages after hair loss and hair transplantation.


What are the benefits of PRP application?


  • Revitalizes and repairs the skin in a completely natural way.

  • PRP supports all essential and vital elements of the skin along with the formation of collagen.

  • Rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of early wrinkles and lines.

  • PRP is extremely fast and long-acting.

  • Even a single application creates a healthy and radiant appearance on the skin, but it is best to apply it with regular  periods and maximize the rejuvenating effect.


How long do PRP sessions take?


PRP application is extremely practical and takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes.


How many sessions of PRP and how long should it be repeated?


Skin regeneration is permanent in PRP treatment, but regeneration sessions will be required as the aging process continues. After 3 - 4 applications every 15 days, if repeated every 6 - 12 months, the effect will be equivalent to the rejuvenating effect.


Who is PRP treatment not applied to?


Those with insufficient platelet count and cancer patients are not suitable for this method.



When is the result of PRP  application felt?


Changes in the skin begin immediately after the PRP application, and after 3 to 4 sessions, it becomes permanent.


Is the PRP method a reliable method?


The patient's own blood and platelets are used for his own needs, that is, no foreign or synthetic substances are involved. When the procedure is performed by the right doctor and under the right conditions, there are no side effects.


What is the difference between PRP and stem cell?


Stem cell therapy a  means to encode and introduce new cells to the damaged organ in case of wound or disease . In the PRP method, it means taking advantage of the benefits by preparing enriched Platelets and injecting them into the area, secreting growth factor hormone. 

Brief information
Anesthesia: Local anesthetic cream can be applied.

Inspection and application process: The application takes an average of 15-30 minutes. Application 2-4 sessions at intervals of 15-30 days 
Recovery time: Returns to daily life immediately.
Usage process: The improvement in the skin continues.
Warning: Do not play with those areas with your hand that day.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Successful. Visible changes will be felt over time.

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