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Paris sparkle, Youth vaccine


What is the Paris glow? What is the youth vaccine?


Paris glow is one of the anti-aging  anti-aging methods. In this non-surgical method, the quality of the skin improves, making it more durable and more resistant to negative environmental factors.

Paris glow contains 60 kinds of active substances, together with hylaronoic acid, all aimed at increasing fibroblast activity.


What is the content of Paris glow?


Robust and durable  this paris glow consisting of indispensable nutrients for having a skin Its content consists of the following  components.


For moisturizing the skin, halaronoic acid stimulates collagen synthesis. 

It contains 12 vitamins to neutralize free radicals.

Contains 24 amino acids to aid collagen production.

It contains 6 coenzymes and 5 nucleic acids to stimulate metabolic reactions.

Cell metabolism  balancing 6 minerals 

It also contains glutathione, glucuronic acid, Glucosamine dextrose to fight against excessive free radicals.


Paris glow effects, what is it?


Proven results of Paris glow after 5 sessions:

radiance on the skin

increase in dehydration

Reduction in wrinkles

shrinkage of pores


A total of 5 sessions

First 3 sessions .every 15 days

The last 2 sessions are applied once a month.


How to apply Paris glow?


The prepared special content is applied to the treatment areas with a very thin triple needle. The results of the application are fully manifested within a few days, starting immediately after the injection.

optimum  an average of 3-5 sessions should be applied for results. Stage 1 is for initiation, stage II is for repair, and stage 3 is for stabilization. It can also be applied twice a year for protection.


Sparkle of Paris  Who is it suitable for?


with wrinkles on the skin

Loss of elasticity

It is suitable for people who experience dryness, lifelessness and dullness.

Paris glow is an effective treatment especially to prevent aging, signs of gravity, ultraviolet damage.


 Paris glow, youth vaccine,  which areas are applied?


Paris glow can be applied to any area with signs of aging such as around the eyes, face, neck, hands and arms. By increasing the production of collagen and elastin, it provides the vitamin and mineral support that the skin needs. In this way, it helps the skin to look more lively, young and radiant. For all skin types. It can be applied at any age and in any season.

Brief information

Anesthesia: No

Application timean average of 30 minutes

Pain: None, anesthetic cream is applied if necessary.

Recovery time: Immediate return to normal life

Number of sessions: Average 3-5

Result: Brightness in the skin, reduction in wrinkles, skin recovery.

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