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metabolic balance


What is metabolic balance?

Metabolic balance is a personalized balanced nutrition program that provides balance in the human body.

It makes a person successful in a short time. but it is not a short-term diet program. It is a system that teaches and implements healthy eating rules.

It is not a calorie-based diet. Foods that will provide weight loss, blood values are determined according to personal data. During this determination, the glycemic loads of the food and the metabolic characteristics of the person are taken into account rather than the calories of the food.

If the metabolic balance is evaluated according to the calorie classification,  can be applied for a short time in the hospital environment,  very low calorie diets are fateful, although low-calorie diets that can not be applied for a long time without restricting daily life It is a system close to the calorie group. However, its success is closely related to food selection and the combination of food groups and consumption patterns, rather than calorie adjustment.

 In a one-to-one interview with the patient before the start of the metabolic balance program, the expectation of the client, whether the aim is to gain weight or lose weight or to eat healthy, is investigated. The patient's height, weight, waist circumference, past diseases or surgeries are analyzed thoroughly.  individual and personalized metabolic balance treatment, after giving detailed information to the client, the metabolic balance stages are explained and the desired laboratory analysis result is sent to Germany. According to the result from Germany, with a personalized and very successful nutrition program , the patient's weight loss and improvement in his general condition are visibly observed every week and the process continues. Metabolic balance is not only a form of weight loss or nutrition, but also a form of adjunctive treatment for many chronic diseases (insulin resistance, hypertension, snoring, cholesterol treatment and many more). Metabolic balance program process completely depends on the client's problem. Please arrange a direct meeting with Dr. Melisa Eczacıbaşı for detailed information.

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