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Youth vaccine extracellular


What is the youth vaccine extracellular matrix?


Haylaronoic acid  and amino acid is a medical method by injecting this cocktail mixture into the skin, to create a new extracellular matrix under the skin, to increase the production of collagen and elastin, and thus to provide the skin with a youthful appearance._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


What is Extracellular Matrix?


Extracellular matrix with a complex structure that fills the spaces between cells, connects cells, supports the exchange of nutrients.

It's called  .

With the advancing age, the natural structure of the extracellular matrix deteriorates and begins to lose its tension. Therefore, it is necessary to support and treat it with extracellular matrix in order to lose the signs of aging and make the skin supple and smooth again.


What age group can the treatment be applied to?


We can have the matrix vaccine for everyone, between the ages of 20 and 80, for men and women. We prefer it in the age group of 20-40 because of the effect  from the effect , in the 40-80 age groups  because of its therapeutic effect.


In which regions is the youth vaccine applied the most?


  • Face, neck, décolleté, upper hands

  • Arm, inner arm, knee area, top of hands and feet


Is there any pain or pain?


Since the needle used is an extremely fine-tipped needle  ,  there is no feeling of pain. However, in people with a lower pain threshold, anesthetic cream can be applied 20 minutes before starting the treatment. .


How many sessions and at what intervals does the treatment take place?


The number of sessions varies according to the age of the patient and the condition of the wrinkles. An average of 2 - 4 sessions at 10-day intervals   are recommended. Even after the first treatment  the effect is felt  and continues with the same effectiveness for an average of 6-8 months.


What are the ingredients in the youth vaccine?


There is a very concentrated amount of Hayaloronoic acid in the youth vaccine. This acid adjusts the moisture of our skin and keeps it  tight. It is not a filler, but spreads over the entire surface with its fluid feature, creating a stimulating effect on the skin tissue. It wraps the skin like a spider web and collects it and causes the collagen and elastin fibers, which are the skeletal structure of the skin, to increase.

Brief information

Anesthesia: Not required. Local cream can be applied.
Inspection and application process: Average 15-30 minutes depending on the situation.
Recovery time: Results will show after a while. Returns to daily life immediately.
Usage period: Healing will continue.
Warning: Do not play with your hand on the day we practice.
Pain: Very mild.
Result: Successful. Visible change over time.

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