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Under-eye bruises


When you are unhappy, when you look in the mirror, your first focus will be  under your eyes. In fact, you focus on where there is a flaw in the first place. Dark circles under the eyes are only one of the reasons that limit people's social life.


Never believe the words that the bruises under the eyes will only be cured with a cream or surgery. First of all, it will be one of the most reasonable decisions to go through a specialist dermatologist, examination and analysis, to find the cause, if any, and to choose the treatment option accordingly. While the thickness of our skin in the chest area is 4 to 5 millimeters, this thickness decreases to 2 millimeters in the under eye area.


What are the causes of dark circles under the eyes?


  • Diseases, structural genetics

  • (bruises under the eyes can be a sign of some kind of disease)

  • Kidney failure, circulatory failure, allergic diseases are seen in fine lines together with bruises under the eyes, especially in atopic and allergic children. In these children, this area is surrounded by a halo. because of allergic condition  kisin  his nose is blocked, he can't breathe well  ve-morbaccf-133659b-as a decrease in oxygenation of the eyes appears.

  • Bruises associated with eczema.

  • Bruises associated with liver diseases.

  • Bruises due to iron deficiency, anemia, anemia.


  • In such cases  to reduce bruising, investigating the underlying cause will help us a lot on the way to treatment.

  • In adults, after a certain age, factors such as loosening of the skin under the eyes, fatigue, sleep disorders, unhealthy diet, alcohol and smoking can cause bruising under the eyes.

  • Another cause of bruises under the eyes is the blemishes under the eyes, that is, the bruises caused by sunspots. In this case, if laser is a suitable method for spot treatment, the spot in the area can be lightened in this way.

  • Because people with colored eyes and blondes constantly blink their eyes,  circulation decreases in these areas, so both bruising and wrinkles increase around the eyes.

  • Incorrectly applied creams around the eyes, wrong eye cleaning (pressurized movements and circular movements while removing make-up cause cracking of fine capillaries under the eyes and leakage of blood). Hemosiderin pigments, which give purple color, cause the region to be seen more clearly. Hard rubbing of the eyes has the same effect. When removing your eye make-up, use mild oily, mild facial cleansers, avoid impactful movements.  Do not rub your eyes .


  • Bruises due to under-eye pits.

  • When there is a pit under the eye, the light refraction in that area shows itself as a bruise on the skin surface. In such cases, after a correct analysis, temporary or semi-permanent hyaluronic acid  can be injected under the eyes. This process is an extremely serious method and should definitely be applied by doctors who are experts and experienced in this field. Along with choosing the right filler, it is also very important to inject the filler into the correct layer of the skin. Improper applications in this area will cause edema and swelling in the area and increase your complaint. Choosing a reliable doctor will help you, as the appearance of your eye circles,  snail, together with edema may bother you. Antioxidants, which are given to this area in combination with the filler, will brighten the area around the eyes and will make you happy.

  • Bruises developing due to wrong diet, insomnia, long working hours, in this case, preparations containing vitamin K will increase the circulation in that area and relax the area. Therefore, it will reduce edema, swelling  and bruises under the eye. Likewise, mesotherapy will both relieve circulation and reduce your bruises.

  • If the problem is sleep disturbance and long working hours, after brewing chamomile tea bags, you should keep the chamomile tea bags in the refrigerator for 1 hour and after it cools down, keep the bags on the eye area, 10-15 minutes and do light massages (pisibuller  article _cc781905) -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_cause)   will relieve the area.

  • Bruises due to genetic causes

  • Especially  mesotherapy drugs, developed from the combination of phanaronoic acid and succinic acid, when injected superficially into the under eye area, create a luminous effect in that area within a few hours. After these applications, which are made with an interval of 10 days, , it can last up to 4 months.


What methods are used in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes?


  • Investigation of the underlying disease

  • If there is a stain, treatment of the stain in this area

  • filler

  • mesotherapy

  • Creams containing vitamin K

  • some soothing tea compresses


Before starting these treatments, I would definitely recommend that you be examined by a dermatologist whose knowledge we trust and that you choose the most appropriate treatment for you,  .

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