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Tattoo removal


Tattoo removal  


This text is for informational purposes only, this application is not currently available with us.


What is a tattoo?


Aesthetic applications made by injecting some pigment substances under the skin in the desired  areas of the body are called tattoos. The history of the tattoo dates back to ancient Egypt, and previously  was called the Stamp.


With which device do you perform tattoo removal?


Q-switch laser devices can be used for many different aesthetic purposes as they have 4 different wavelengths. among them


Skin rejuvenation, spot treatments, treatment of pigment-containing  lesions, vascular lesions, acne, acne scars and freckles . The principle of treatment is that the pigmented areas are absorbed by the pigments by attracting the laser light towards themselves, breaking down the pigments and then allowing their excretion. The advantages of the treatment are that the side effects are as few as possible, it is fast and practical, and the recovery period is short.


Is Q-switch laser application painful?


There is no need for any anesthesia in cases such as skin rejuvenation, spot treatment, but if tattoo removal is in question, we can numb the area with anesthetic cream or local anesthetic needle.


How long does tattoo removal with Q-swich laser take?


This totally depends on the size of the tattoo, very small tattoos take an average of 5 minutes, while larger tattoos can take up to 30-45 minutes. Patient-doctor collaboration and pain threshold are also important factors. For those with larger palms  wiping the treatment in several sessions, that is, in an average of 2 - 4 days, rather than in a single session will be a much more correct choice in terms of patient comfort.


What are the conditions to be considered after the treatment? How long does the recovery period take?


After the procedure, spot bleeding and white-white color changes can be seen on the erased areas. When you use a medical moisturizer and sunscreen on these areas and keep the area sterile, the symptoms will improve in 3 - 7 days.


What wavelengths does the laser include?


Q-SWICH  Contains 4 different wavelengths  Therefore, it can be used in many areas of dermatology because it can also affect lesions between different colors

Which color tattoos are easier to remove?


The treatment of yellow, red and  green tattoos is very arduous and difficult. Instead of 4 wavelengths, it is useful to choose devices with  5 wavelength.

Can tattoos be completely removed with laser?


This completely depends on the color of the pigment used in the tattoo and the depth of the skin in which the person applying the tattoo injects the pigment. The intervals between sessions last 1.5-2 months and the number of sessions  varies from case to case.


What should be considered after laser treatment?


Bephanten cream is applied to the treated areas

Do not take a hot bath on the day of application.

In the first 5 days, the body is cleaned without using either a scrub or a sac.

It is necessary to stay away from artificial light sources, namely solarium and sunlight for an average of 10-14 days.

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