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6 point biological lifting vaccine


6 (six) point biological lifting method


The new generation biological Lifting method applied to wrinkle, rejuvenation and sagging problems, dermatologist Dr. We talked to Melisa Eczacıbaşı.


 6 (six) points, what is biological Lifting?


In cosmetics and medical  applications, phaneronoic acid is often used to moisturize the skin, add volume and provide a younger appearance. In the six-point biological lifting method, hyloronoic acid is combined with tera halose molecules to create a more permanent effect on the skin, bringing an innovation in aesthetic applications. In addition to haylaoronoic acid, which is the main ingredient in the 6-point lifting vaccine, another molecule called terahalose is added. Terahalose, on the other hand, increases the effect of phaneroronic acid. Tera halose active ingredient increases the water holding capacity of hyaluronic acid-based products used on our face.

is increasing. It increases collagen, elastin production, strengthens connective tissues and increases fibroblasts.

When the six-point biological lifting vaccine is applied to the face area, it shows the effects of lifting, skin rejuvenation, tightening and wrinkle removal. In addition, unlike other vaccines, the biological lifting vaccine shows its effect faster and the effect is continued for a longer time. Biological Lifting vaccine has an effect on the entire face with six points  technique. 3 of these areas correspond to the jaw line and 3 to the cheek area. In addition, the biological lifting method is also used to rejuvenate the hand area.


How is Six Point Lifting applied?


Specific to this method, application is made to the designated areas with a special needle. After the application, a slight redness can be seen on the skin. These rashes disappear in a short time.

 6 point biological Lifting vaccine is suitable for everyone between the ages of 20-80. Vaccination is one of the most ideal methods for people with loss of elasticity and sagging, especially in the face area. It is also a suitable method for those who do not prefer surgical methods. In this method, without using an active filler, without increasing the volume, the skin tightens, recovers and shows a lifting effect.


When does Six Point Lifting show its effect?


Six points show the effects of the biological lifting vaccine immediately after the first use. It starts to increase the production of collagen and skin regeneration becomes evident within a few weeks in . The number of sessions is also determined individually. However, the treatment plan is usually determined as 2 to 3 sessions with 3-4 week intervals. Afterwards, it is applied in a single session at intervals of 6-8 months, and the effect of success is ensured to last for a long time.

Brief information:

Anesthesia: No need.

Application time: takes an average of 15-30 minutes.

Pain, pain: None.

Recovery time: Returns to normal life immediately.

Result: Face lifting effect, recovery, tightening.

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